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Transportation, customs, warehousing

Logistics has always been a vital area for ELIH as any product has to be moved from one point to another. Logistics unites all the various departments and connects the dot between import, export, eVersand, warehousing, and documentation.

While the department of Import is processing the import of products, including global sourcing, negotiations, procurement, documentation and customs clearing, the coordination of transportation and logistics are done by Logistics.

The counterpart of import Export  takes care of any kind of export from Germany or the European Union into anywhere in the world. Export covers the collection and/or the loading of the goods, transportation to the port/point of export, documentation and customs clearing. Of course, due to the excellent communication and cooperation with forwarding agencies and carriers, ELIH International can offer excellent conditions for transportation to the desired port (export by sea) respectively final destination (export by truck).

All kind of logistics, such as coordinating and executing logistics including transportation, storing, picking up, packaging, forwarding, are being processed by Logistics. From warehousing small quantities or short period storage to handling full container loads over long period of time, Logistics is your partner.

Wholesaling and trade in large quantities is the heart of ELIH. Products and services of various kinds are being traded. However, the main focus is on tableware, such as porcelain and glass items. Trading area is primarily the European Union, nevertheless, ELIH International is trading globally utilizing the full capacity of Import and Export.

The department of eVersand is working with retailers and stores with smaller quantities. This includes mail order service throughout Europe including member states of the European Union and non-EU-countries while the emphasis is on Germany. Smallest quantity in this segment is one carton. Worldwide trade is due to custom restrictions and regulations processed by Export.

Porcelain items are being produced and manufactured by Manufaktur. Here, various qualities are being produced by distinguished manufactories, such as located at the "Porzellanstraße" in Bavaria, Thuringia, and Bohemia. Especially porcelain for hotels & gastronomy and decorated dinner-sets but also porcelain-sets for daily use are crafted in these sites. Hotel and gastronomy porcelain is by far the most resilient and meets highest expectations in its market. "ELIH Porzellan" is a quality promise which requires regular quality control and raises high expectations in manufacturing porcelain. "ELIH Porzellan" meets various quality standards and is tested on a regular basis for safety, components and ingredients.

Meanwhile, ELIH is handling approximately 1,200 TEU's (container units), shipping more than 20,000 parcels world wide, and coordinating and organizing the logistics for various partners promoting products online via world wide web. 
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